We have migrated our existing members to this website, so you might not be able to register or subscribe to a membership as a new user. If the website states that there is already an account with your Email Address, then simply RESET YOUR PASSWORD and log in once done.


Why does the website say there is already an account with my Username or Email?

To facilitate membership management, we may have already created an account on your behalf. Simply RESET YOUR PASSWORD HERE to update your password. You will then be able to log in with your newly reset credentials.

Simply choose a membership package HERE, and complete the online form.  After you have submitted your request, a USER PROFILE will automatically be generated for you and you will also automatically (ALREADY) be logged in - see your name in the top right of the main menu bar. NOTE: Although you are logged in, your membership is not yet active and you will have limited access to this website.

You will also receive an email with further instructions. Once we have vetted your application and you have been approved, we will then send you a proof of acceptance via email.

On this email, you will see our banking details and instructions on how to pay. Once payment has been received, we will activate your membership and you will now have FULL ACCESS to this website and its features.

You will receive an email notifying you of your membership activation. Please make sure that is saved on your Email Senders Approved List (email white-list).