Rules and Regulations of Jonkershoek

  1. Access by car only to offload heavy goods and campers. Use allocated areas for day visiting (near the chalet) or camping on the left or on the far right side (near duty chalet).
  2. No nails or screws into trees! Rater use a rope.
  3. Don’t use tables or fireplaces to chop wood on. 4. No open fires outside provided fireplaces due to high fire hazard.
  4. Smokers, please throw cigarette stumps in fireplaces or remove with your garbage (fire hazard).
  5. No bonfires in braai’s! Use the big open fireplaces provided.
  6. Keep your pets under control at all time and cleanup after them. It’s your responsibility Ask for permission first to give food to other campers dogs.
  7. No loud music! Keep noise down after 9pm.
  8. We advise to lock the gate at night.
  9. Please remove all your rubbish from the premises when leaving and make sure all fires are extinguished.
  10. Please don’t feed the baboons and pack foods away at night and when going out.
  11. Contact persons: Norman (+27 82 967 7054), Roger (+27 83 548 3260) Patricia (+27 835482530)
  12. Emergency SRA Jonkershoek: +27 62 027 1601 Thank you for taking care of Jonkershoek. Swiss Club Committee