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We sincerely hope you are all still doing well in this crazy time?! It was refreshing to see so many of you during the recent Bänzejass and the Samichlaus out in Jonkershoek. Thanks for supporting us on the two events even if it meant exposing yourself to the risk of infection. But at least you minimized the risk of going bonkers at home… in any case, we believed Jonkies proved to be a good space for a safe gathering and the team has also made sure we are compliant with regulations.

We will repeat this again soon, if Government allows us to, with a New Year’s Brunch (date unconfirmed) and then the Waldfest. Since New Years is just around the corner and we do not know how this all plays out, we want to hold out a bit with confirmation on the brunch and rather and wait a few days to monitor further developments. Please watch your emails for details. The Waldfest will definitely be on Sunday, 14 February 2021. You can already pencil this in your diary.

Please also remember to renew your membership which have gone live on our website. Link below. If you struggle with the online renewal or have any queries, our membership officer Felix will gladly be of assistance.

You can mail him via or call him on 082-8811627.

In more upsetting news, the City of Cape Town has now finally decided to terminate our lease for our Greenpoint Clubhouse and gave us notice which will come into effect 1 March 2021. Their intent has been imminently obvious over the recent few years. While the city is completely within their legal right to terminate this lease any given time and without reason, we are currently still “negotiating” some terms for us but we are sadly left quite disappointed with the city’s conduct during the process even though we can count on legal support and that of our Consulate in Cape Town.

The committee will hold an info session in January 2021 around this development. But our current mindset is to accept this termination and instead of fighting the obvious, rather put our focus on improving Jonkershoek further while at the same time re-think and adapt how our social club works in the years to come. By the time we turn 100 years old in 2023, it is perhaps a fitting time - accelerated by the Corona-Crisis - that the club life changes slightly from what it used to be… Given the complexities around catering, finance and occupation of Greenpoint in the last 10 years we think it was prime time even.
At least, it gives us comfort that other social clubs are in the exact same situation and are very helpful and supportive to assist us in this situation.

We are glad to be back on your minds with some activities and look forward to host some more of those again in 2021! For now though, we would like to wish you a pleasant holiday season, Frohe Weihnachten und “En guete Rutsch!”

The Committee


  • Greenpoint info session
    (to be confirmed – target mid-January)
  • New Years Brunch
    (to be confirmed – 10 or 17 January)
  • Waldfest
    Jonkershoek, 14 February 2021


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