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In light of what would be our busiest weekend of the year to celebrate our Swiss National Day, I wanted to personally get in touch to send out some information and updates.

Now, as the name suggests, our club should be doing sporting and social events during the year. While we accept that, due to a lack of facilities, our famous football days are gone, now even the socialising aspect of our club has been taken away which means we suddenly stand without purpose.

As a committee, we have decided against hosting virtual or other non-physical events during lockdown because we do not believe our members would have gained any value from such occasions during this period. We believe our mission is to bring together Swiss or friends of Swiss living in Cape Town through fun, entertainment, food and other Swiss-themed occasions; hosting virtual events simply do not make sense.

This includes the AGM, which we sadly had to postpone in March. While I am positive that we can still host the 2019 AGM in this year, it has to be noted that our finances have been duly audited and approved prior to the scheduled AGM date. This means that from a compliance point of view, we are in good standing from a legal and club constitutional perspective. We now still hope to host this AGM in the coming months, and if club gatherings (for non-business purposes) are still prohibited until very late this year, we will either have to host a smaller AGM with a maximum of 20 members as per our constitution, revert to an AGM via correspondence, or combine 2019 and the non-active 2020 AGM in 2021. All three options would be legally accepted and we shall keep you posted accordingly.

From the committee's side, there is currently little more to share. The Greenpoint venue is still closed on instruction of the City of Cape Town without any indication of when we will be allowed to host any events. Some of the more commercially-operating venues on Greenpoint Common were allowed to re-open, but the safety protocol for approval from the CoCT is quite intense thus we decided against it.

Jonkershoek is still closed for camping and, as long as the South African Government has still banned social gatherings amongst friends & families, it is fair to assume that it makes no sense to open Jonkies to daytime visitors officially either, even though we might personally not agree with this ambiguous ban. I understand we do have contact tracing options through our member base, but this would require us to physically control access to Jonkies by someone in person every day, which we simply cannot do. Opening Jonkies up too soon could create an uncomfortable situation for us as a club and committee with local authorities.

From an official perspective, you might have read in the Consulate’s newsflash that our Consul General, Andreas Maager, has very quietly left us recently with one of the few repatriation flights at end of June and will be replaced in due course. We thank Andreas for his involvement with and for the club. The Consulate’s Raclette evenings stand out as highlights of his term, as does his wife Claudine, who was also very engaged with the ‘Frauentreffen’.
In the interim, Samuel Reber, the new Consul who replaced Verena Mathis arrived just before the lockdown period began, and we welcome him to Cape Town!

While on the official side; follow this link to Switzerlands’ 1 August official celebration information for expatriates including the speech of our “Bundespräsidentin”, Simonetta Sommaruga: (other languages can be chosen below the video).

You will find some information about this year’s new “Mission 1. August”, which is a virtual assistant to celebrate our National Day 2020 a bit differently. For instance, the annual official celebration on “The Rütli” will be streamed live via this channel. Check it out via

Other than that, without much more to share, allow me to wish you all a very enjoyable 1 August! Especially during this time and unprecedented situation, please keep all those in our community who are suffering in your thoughts.

Take care, Christian