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Club Sections

Cycle Club
Frauentreffen (Women's circle)
Rifle Club
Swiss Huusmusig - Choir
Tennis Club



Head of section  
  Name Stefan Pflocksch
  Tel Home  
  Cell phone +27 (0)82-920 9351
  E-Mail stefanp@execsonthemove.co.za


Cycle Club

Head of section  
  Name Hans Herren
  Tel Home +27 (0)21 558 9041
  Cell phone  
  E-Mail hans@new.co.za


Frauentreffen (Women's circle)

Head of section  
  Name Therese Dennler
  Tel Home  
  Cell phone +27 (0)82 775 5849
  E-Mail thdennler@gmail.com



Head of section  
  Name Heinz Mettler
  Tel Home +27 (0)21 761 5766
  Cell phone  
  E-Mail Mettswiss@bucknet.co.za

Every last Thursday of the month we play Jassen at the club house in Green Point


Rifle Club   

Head of section  
  Name Dierk Luethi
  Tel Home +27 (0)21 715 6104
  Cell phone +27 (0)83 441 4626
  E-Mail dierk@telkomsa.net
  Address Swiss Rifle Club
PO Box 4756
Cape Town 8000
  Secretary Lisa Ryser
  Tel Work +27 (0) 21 885 2347
  Cell phone +27 (0) 84 714 5940
  E-Mail lisa.ryser@gmail.com
Logo rifle club


AGM / Jahreshauptversammlung

Der Vorstand besteht aus: The committee is as follows:

President / Präsident Dierk Lüthi;
Vize-Präsident Marcel Kilchenmann
Secretary /Sekretaerin Lisa Ryser
Treasurer Fridolin Lenz
Material Thomas Henke
Range Official &
Liaison – Swiss Club
Pascal Kilchenmann

Wir schiessen auf der Klawer-range der suedafrikanischen Marine oberhalb Simonstown ab der Red Hill Strasse Richtung Signal School und dem ‘Just Nuisance’ Grab.
(We use the navy range at Klawer off the Red Hill road towards the signal school and Just Nuisance’s grave)

Swiss Rifle Club wins competition
At the Federal Shooting Festival at Aarau on Saturday July 3 the Swiss Rifle Club Cape Town won the Club competition for Swiss rifle clubs abroad (i.e. registered outside Switzerland). Twenty-one clubs from 11 countries took part. We had three competitors in the top six individual results!

Short history of the rifle club

The Swiss Rifle Club Cape Town was founded in 1949 when some 27 Swiss took part in a Fernschiessen they heard of on the Swiss Shortwave Radio, this was offered by the Swiss National Shooting Federation and they were supported by a South African Police Sergeant Major and to start were given some SA Army issued .303 Rifles. Soon thereafter application was made to the relevant Military Department in Switzerland which was approved and middle of 1950 the first rifles together with ammunition arrived in Cape Town and the first shoot with their new Karabiner Rifles was held on 23. Dec. 1950. Ever since then the club carried on with the sport of shooting and has until now a perfect safety record and is proud of its accident free performance.
Our club is an affiliated member to the Swiss National Sport Shooting Federation and is as such also sponsored by it. Our second and most important sponsor is the Swiss Military which supplies us with rifles, ammunition and all things needed for the sport.
The Club has at present some 45 members and shoots at the SA Navy range (Klawer) in Simonstown. Our program consists of some 23 shooting dates per year which includes all the major Swiss Programs, i.e. Feldschiessen, Obligatorisch, Sektions Meisterschaft, Einzelwettschiessen and our own locally sponsored programs.
The club aims to actively promote the sport of shooting in all its facets with the available material and in doing so keep an age old and much loved Swiss Tradition alive.

H. Mettler


Swiss Huusmusig - Choir

Head of section  
  Name Ernst Tobler
  Tel Home +27 (0)21 531 5779
  Cell phone +27 (0)83 508 7906
  E-Mail etdesign@iburst.co.za

The Swiss Choir has been in existence for 27 Years. As we stopped practices and "Performances" a couple of years ago, the Huusmusig took over the active part and is going from strength to strengh. The Twins have joined us for voice support and Heinz is also again part of us with his "Bassgiige".
We encourage all past Choir members to become Passive members of the Huusmusig, as we want to keep in contact with all our "Kamerade"



Tennis Club

Head of section  
  Name Jürgen Aiff
  Tel Home  
  Cell phone +27 (0)82 566 1615
  E-Mail Jurgen.Aiff@nashua-communications.com



This is not (yet?) an actual section of the Swiss Club but it's quite interesting to know that there is actually skiing in the Western Cape. Many thanks to Capestorm for letting us use text and pictures from their events newsletter.

Snow Skiing in the Western Cape – Fact or Fiction?

Come and see for yourself! For many decades Capetonians had heard vague rumours about a winter sports ‘resort’ in the mountains of the Western Cape. Was this merely a myth? Fact or fiction? Here (in a nutshell) is the history behind the Ski Club of South Africa.


In 1928 a couple of ‘Kaapenaars’ returned to South Africa, having learned to ski in Switzerland. The Ski Club of South Africa was subsequently formed, in Cape Town, in 1930 and skiing in South Africa first commenced on Fonteintjiesberg (Hex River mountains). Due to Fonteintjiesberg being declared a water catchment area for Worcester, the Club subsequently re-located it’s activities to Matroosberg in 1936. For many decades the only available accommodation on the mountain was in ‘The Cave’ (directly below the position of the current ‘Top Hut’). The original ‘Base Hut’, built in 1949, was destroyed by fire in 1992 (and a new “base Hut’ built in 1993). The current ‘Top Hut’ (the main Ski Club accommodation on Matroosberg) was completed in 1955 and the current ‘Peak Hut’ was built in the early 1990's. Besides a separate ‘Ski Equipment Hut’, the Ski Club also has 2 permanently positioned, petrol-powered Ski Lifts (“schlep-lift” type) plus 2 portable Ski Lifts (that can be moved to any part of the mountain, i.e. wherever the best snow might lie!).
All facilities on Matroosberg (i.e. huts, toilets, ski lift motors and pylons, etc) have been carried up the mountain on the Members' backs (long before the existing 4x4 road was built), and have been built and are still constantly maintained by the Members. The Club could not exist without their ongoing hard work and commitment. Membership enquiries are always welcomed.
Quo vadis? The 77-year old Ski Club of South Africa (a club and not a ‘resort’) is a dynamic and active entity that exists around one magical element – snow !!! And the current weather patterns indicate that 2007 has all the makings of a good snow year for the mountains of the Western Cape.